When I first got married (in 2005) I had NO idea how to cook. As in, I didn’t even know how to make hard boiled eggs… I only ever cooked spaghetti for my poor husband (and because of that, I now am not much of a fan- so don’t plan on seeing a recipe for it on here…) Shortly before my son was born, my aunt made a recipe book full of family recipes that everyone sent in. So many of these recipes are ones that I had grown up on- I knew how they were supposed to taste, what they were supposed to look like, and if I messed up, I knew who to call to help me fix it! This is where my cooking journey started.

After trying some of these recipes, I realized I enjoyed cooking! But when I would look through recipe books, they often had prep times of 30 minutes or more, or they included ingredients that I had never heard of, of they called for techniques that made no sense…. So, I set out on a journey to find recipes that were fast, easy, and tasted great (because if they didn’t, I would have no idea how to fix them, so what’s the point of cooking it again?) I found a ton! And then, my friends and family started asking for them! So- here they are.

I will *try* to include pictures and a brief summary of what I (and my husband and kids) thought of the recipe (since starting this “journey”, I’ve had my husband rate the final product on a scale of 1-10).

Disclaimer: I really have no idea what I’m doing. I follow the recipes step-by-step and I just pass those on. And this is real world- I don’t always wipe up the pepper I spilt or immediately put the measuring spoons in the sink… There is a good chance there will be a mess in the pictures and I’m not even going to try to edit it out (because I have no clue how to do that…)

If, along the way, you have any hints or feedback, please add them! Not only will it help me out, but any one else who reads it!

Last, but not least- ENJOY! And CHEERS!